About Us.

Our Story.

Jack Saltonstall and Ryan Tapper, lifelong friends, turned their childhood dream into a reality in 2019 when they co-founded Two Eighteen, a worldclass design and build agency. With a shared passion for the experiential events industry, Jack and Ryan cultivated their expertise at different agencies throughout their careers before coming back together.

Their journey led them to envision a company that fosters creativity and innovation, where employees are empowered to think beyond boundaries and all voices are heard. Their goal? To establish a workplace renowned for its positive culture and dedication to delivering the highest level of craftsmanship for some of the best clients in the world. Having started in the industry at an early age, working in the shop during summer break, both Jack and Ryan fell in love with the challenge of making the impossible happen!

Two Eighteen Las Vegas HQ

Las Vegas.

The entertainment capital of the world and home to Two Eighteen’s world-class production and fabrication facility! While we love working with our clients when they come to our hometown, Two Eighteen has built an extensive network of strategic partners and satellite facilities across the globe that allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ needs wherever they may arise.