Trade Show Booth Trends in 2023

3 Trade Show Booth Trends to Watch in 2023

The increase in trade show events from 2022 to 2023 has been a whopping 5.9%. As people continue to use trade shows as a hub for vital information about various businesses’ products and services, there will be an increase in the different types of trade show booth plans that companies use to stand out from their competition.

Are you looking to break into the trade show scene, or are you experienced and want to level up even more than before? Below you’ll find some information about the trade show trends you’ll want to be on the lookout for as the trade show season draws closer.

1. Get Techy

We understand that everyone isn’t advanced regarding technology and how to use it, but when it comes to your trade show exhibit learning a few tricks can go a long way. Creating your trade show booth is about offering eventgoers an experience when they visit your booth.

One way to do this is by submerging them in your business, which can be done using VR/AR equipment. This allows eventgoers to actively test your product before deciding if it’s an investment they’re willing to make.

Another way to leverage technology within your booth is to use screens in the booth. You can display different informational sessions or displays that people can view as they walk past and through the booth.

2. Offer a Game/Prize

It can be challenging to get people to stop and take time at each of the company booths, which is why you’ve got to find a way to entice visitors to come into your booth. When you create the game, you’ve got to consider the prizes you’re going to offer, such as a gift card or free product your company produces.

This will entice people to stop and check out the game you’re offering. It also provides the perfect chance for you to offer helpful information to them about your company.

3. Increase in Creative Design

You never want people to see your trade show booth and think they’ve seen the design you’ve chosen before. Another trend that’s increasing in popularity is leveling up the creative design for the trade show booth.

If you’re unsure of how to do this, we recommend you hire the services of a company that can assist with the creative development of your booth. The company can aid in the creative process and help you create a plan for how everything will be laid out within the booth.

Trade Show Booth Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

There are several trade show booth trends out there that your company can take notice of during the 2023 trade show season. Consider offering a game or prize wheel for eventgoers and rethink the creative design of your booth.

Contact Two Eighteen for the help you need in taking your trade show booth to the next level. We understand trade shows and want to aid in your endeavors.