Trade Show Giveaways

Do Trade Show Giveaways Increase Engagement?

As you prepare for your business’s next trade show, you’ve got your booth, sign, and personnel all lined up for the job.

Smart thinking. Trade shows are generally a great way to boost your brand’s visibility, increase your leads and sales, and grow your customer’s loyalty.

However, you should also add preparing a trade show giveaway to your to-do list. There’s nothing like great trade show giveaways to get an exciting buzz stirring around your booth.

Here’s a rundown on how trade show giveaways increase engagement and how to use this engagement tool properly.

Let’s jump in!

Why Host Trade Show Giveaways?

A trade show giveaway can increase the traffic going to your business’s trade show booth. In this way, you can find brand-new customers who can help your company to grow.

A trade show giveaway is additionally a great marketing tool for increasing the return on your investment and empowering your sales.

Creating Requirements

When you plan a trade show giveaway, you need to make your content requirements clear to your audience. Otherwise, you’ll generate more confusion than positive buzz from your event.

Announcing your trade show giveaway on social media can especially be handy in expanding your base of potential customers. Plus, it’s a great way to share information about an upcoming giveaway and answer any questions your future trade show attendees may have ahead of time.

Best Practices

To gain the most interest from your trade show attendees, be sure to set up a display at your booth indicating that you’ll be hosting a giveaway and when the trade show giveaway will start.

Also, be sure to shoot a video of the giveaway when it begins, and display the video clip on social media. You can even take advantage of live streaming to engage your online audience during the contest.

Be sure to train your staff on how to manage the giveaway properly and professionally to avoid any hiccups, especially if you’re streaming it.

Conference Swag Ideas

At a loss for what to give away for free during your trade show contest? Consider allowing trade show attendees to put their names in a drawing for a branded umbrella or a waterproof bag for their gear.

Other swag ideas include wireless earbuds, Bluetooth key finders, branded chargers, and even luggage tags with your business logo on them.

How We Can Help

Trade show giveaways can be a wonderful way to draw more customers to your business. However, to make your trade show productive, be sure to communicate your contest rules to participants. Also, use social media to drum up interest in your trade show and, in turn, your business.

At Two Eighteen, we take pride in offering a wide variety of trade show support services. For instance, we can manage your booth and handle your graphic production, custom fabrication, and exhibit design tools.

Contact us to learn more about our services and take your next trade show to the next level!