Guide to Trade Show Design in Las Vegas

Your Brief Guide to Trade Show Design in Las Vegas

Finding a way to make your booth stand out in a trade show is tough, but things get even more complicated if your trade show is in Las Vegas. The city isn’t just known for casinos. It’s also one of the top tradeshow destinations in the country. Trade show design in Las Vegas can mean the difference between a successful show and one you write off as a loss. Any trade show builder in Las Vegas will tell you how important layout and design are for your booth.

If you want your next trade show to be the best yet, learn some tips from experts in event production in Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know to master booth design.

Know Your Objective

Do you want people to take time to talk to sales representatives? Look into finding an expert in custom fabrication in Las Vegas to create a booth where there’s room for people to have a comfortable conversation.

Will you be happy if people leave contact information so you can do follow-ups after the show? Design a trade show space with several opportunities for people to write or type their email addresses and names. Consider looking into tent structure rentals in Las Vegas to add extra sign-up room to your booth.

Most brands get trade show booths to promote their brand and make a sale or two. Sales and brand promotion are essential, but they aren’t concrete outcomes. If you want to design the right booth, consider what you want people to do when they’re at your booth.

Work with Marketing

Is there a new slogan the marketing team is working on? Could a change in messaging around an essential service be in your future? Regardless of what you design, it’s important to work in sync with your marketing team when you design your trade show booth.

Knowing about changes in messaging, ongoing marketing initiatives, or new projects can help you make an even more impactful display. You could come up with an elaborate display that requires a scenery builder in Las Vegas to bring your vision to life. Working with another creative branch of your company could be what you need to create effective trade show booth design.

Place Wisely

Great brand awareness is important for every trade show. A golden rule of event design in Las Vegas is to always make sure that the client is front and center. When you design your booth, make your logo and brand identity the star of the show.

Try to keep your logo at eye level (4ft-6ft) in your trade show booth design to ensure that it’s visible during the entire booth experience. Consider putting your tagline towards the top of your main display to ensure that it’s highly visible to both visitors and people walking by.

If you’re planning on having computer displays and tablets avoid placing them in front of your most prominent logos. Obscuring logos from visitors or people walking by could make you miss out on a branding opportunity.

Get Help With Trade Show Design in Las Vegas

Trade show design in Las Vegas can make or break your entire experience. Make sure you create something impactful by working with experts who know what it takes to create something that resonates with customers.

Whether you need help bringing your vision to life or want to start from scratch, we’re here to help with your trade show design ideas. Contact us today so we can talk about how to rock your next Las Vegas trade show.